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Our fundamental aim is to increase participation in our democracy. When it comes to driving turnout or changing voter behavior, the old political playbook doesn't work. Meeting people where they are does. So we're investing in people and engaging year-round with voters, having deep conversations with them, and building local campaigns on popular, progressive issues with a focus on boots-on-the-ground organizing.

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Why Ground Game Texas

Georgia and Arizona gave us a blueprint for grassroots change. We need to build the foundation for that change in Texas.

No more “off years.”

We can't wait until a month before an election to talk to voters. We need to knock doors year-round and treat every year like it's a presidential election year.

“Safe seats” are a problem.

Some of the "safest" seats in Texas have the lowest turnout. We need to put issues and candidates on the ballot that motivate and mobilize voters.

Workers, wages & weed.

Progressive ideas—a $15 minimum wage, expanding Medicaid, legalizing marijuana—are popular ideas. We need to lead with the progressive policies that cross political boundaries.

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Latest news

  • Press

    El Paso climate charter one step closer to getting on November ballot

    Local climate justice group Sunrise El Paso partnered with the statewide progressive group Ground Game Texas to develop the climate charter amendment. Ground Game Texas runs city and municipal campaigns to push for policies including marijuana decriminalization. The campaign set a goal of 30,000 to have a margin of error for signatures the clerk will discard if they are not registered to vote within the city limits. They blew past the goal, delivering more than 39,000 signatures Monday.

    Ground Game Texas Staff

    Ground Game Texas Staff

  • Press

    North Texas city council votes to place marijuana decriminalization on November ballot

    The Denton city council voted on Tuesday, July 19 to put an initiative to decriminalize marijuana on the ballot this November.

    The move comes after months of campaigning by Ground Game Texas, a progressive voter engagement and mobilization organization, and Decriminalize Denton. In May, the two groups submitted a petition with nearly 3,000 to place the initiative on the ballot to the council.

    Ground Game Texas Staff

    Ground Game Texas Staff

  • Press

    Decriminalize Denton on Home Stretch for Moratorium on Low-Level Pot Arrests/Citations

    Julie Oliver with Ground Game Texas which partnered with Decriminalize Denton on a petition drive says that polls have shown that 87% of Texans want some action on decriminalizing marijuana either medicinally or for recreational use. Oliver added that Denton residents must be a registered voter to vote on the ordinance. The last day to register to vote for the November 8th midterm in October 11, 2022.

    Ground Game Texas Staff

    Ground Game Texas Staff

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