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Building the Coalition to Achieve Progressive Wins for Texas Communities

Our Work

Building a progressive Texas from the ground up.

Ground Game Texas exists to organize and mobilize voters community-by-community, collaborating with partners on the ground to meet voters at their doors, hear their concerns, and highlight popular issues that are on the ballot.

"Texas is on the verge of political transformation. But to make sure that happens, we need a collaborative approach that harnesses the power of local organizers and puts grassroots voter contact front and center. Ground Game Texas will be at the forefront of those efforts."

Seretary Julián Castro

What we do

Organizing in communities across Texas

We engage and mobilize voters across Texas through year-round direct voter contact.

Voter Contact

Ground Game is putting face-to-face voter contact front-and-center.

Progress on the ballot

We're not waiting for politicians to make change. We will work to put popular policies on the ballot and engage voters on the issues.


Ground Game will partner with local and statewide organizations to fight for change community-by-community.

No community left behind

Rural communities are often the most under-served by their elected leaders. We're engaging voters in big cities and small towns across Texas.
Ground Game Texas co-founder Julie Oliver


Julie Oliver

Julie Oliver (Executive Director) is a healthcare finance expert who ran two aspirational, 100% PAC-free campaigns for the US House of Representatives in Texas’ 25th congressional district. In addition to her role as Executive Director of Ground Game Texas, Julie serves her community by volunteering weekly at a local food bank and in a volunteer board position for DivInc and has two decades of healthcare finance and tax law experience. She received an undergraduate degree in Accounting from UT Arlington and a law degree from UT School of Law, and lives in Austin with her husband, Matt, five cats, a dog, and their kids.

Ground Game Texas co-founder Mike Siegel


Mike Siegel

Mike Siegel (Political Director) has served the people for the last twenty-one years, first in the classroom as a public school teacher and teacher's union organizer, and more recently in the courtroom as a civil rights lawyer and city attorney for the City of Austin. Mike ran for Congress in 2018 and 2020, and built broad grassroots coalitions that made hundreds of thousands of voter contacts and helped change the political context in the Texas 10th Congressional District. He is excited to put his shoulder to the wheel in his new capacity as political director for Ground Game Texas, where he will work to cultivate alliances and work for progressive change across the state of Texas.

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