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El Paso Climate Charter

We need 30,000 signatures so El Paso can adopt a CLIMATE CHARTER that will create jobs, protect our water, and encourage solar power. Please help us reach our goal by signing the petition and spreading the word!

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El Paso Climate Charter

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What you need to know

Petition for an El Paso Climate Charter

This will be an "initiated charter amendment" to update the El Paso city charter. The charter amendment will adopt a comprehensive climate policy, with specific elements including:

  • Create jobs that protect our planet.
  • Conserve City water for the people of El Paso.
  • Build solar power on City buildings.
  • Reduce the City's contribution to climate change.
  • Prepare for climate disasters.
  • Invest in a renewable energy future.
  • Encourage publicly-owned electricity.
  • Address pollution in our communities.
  • Advance climate justice.
  • Create a Climate Commission of local residents.
  • Lead other Texas cities by showing them what is possible.
  • Direct democracy in action.

Frequently asked questions

What is a “Climate Charter”?
This “Climate Charter” is an amendment to the City Charter of El Paso. (A city charter is similar to a constitution — it describes how the city government operates.) The El Paso Climate Charter will make structural changes to ensure the City of El Paso is creating climate jobs, protecting water, investing in solar power, and taking other strong steps to protect our community and economy.
How will this create jobs?
The Climate Charter will require the City Manager to create an annual goal for the creation of climate jobs, with specific goals for each department. The jobs will fulfill the City's climate policy goals of reducing our contribution to climate change, investing in an environmentally sustainable future, and advancing climate justice. The Climate Charter specifically requires the City to create solar power jobs — for example, building rooftop solar on every new City building. And whenever new funding becomes available, the City will be required to focus on creating climate jobs.
Why is it important to protect El Paso water?
Our region has been experiencing drought because of reduced snowfall and rainwater runoff. We used to get about 50% of our water from the Rio Grande, but recently that has fallen dramatically, to less than 15% in recent years. As a community, we have been drilling wells and conserving water, but we need to do more. The Climate Charter will make sure that we are not selling El Paso water to outside companies and instead using it for the health of our community.
How will this encourage solar power?
The City of El Paso is one of the sunniest cities in the country, but we get less than 5% of our electricity from solar power. The Climate Charter will require that the City study how it can build solar power generation capacity. In particular, whenever the City builds a new building or retrofits an existing one, it will be required to add rooftop solar whenever possible.
Why do you need 30,000 signatures?
The Texas Constitution allows cities like ours to have a “Home Rule” charter and amendments like this Climate Charter. Under state law, we need at least 20,000 valid signatures from current City of El Paso voters. We will collect extra signatures to account for any invalid signatures we gather.
Who else is helping with this effort?
Ground Game Texas is partnering with Sunrise Movement El Paso to implement this Climate Charter. The local Sunrise Movement hub has been involved in major local environmental movements in recent years, and Ground Game is honored to partner with them in this effort.
How is this work being paid for?
Great question! We rely on the support of individual donors to keep our staff in the field. We’d greatly appreciate any donation. Please click the “Donate” tab to contribute today.
Can I help gather signatures?
Yes! We'd love your help. This will take many hands to make real. You can share this page with anyone you know. And if you'd like to get more involved, please fill out the volunteer form. Email for more information.

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