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San Antonio Justice Charter

We need 35,000 signatures so San Antonio can adopt a JUSTICE CHARTER that will decriminalize marijuana and abortion. We will also ban the dangerous “no knock” warrant and chokehold police tactics, in addition to adopting a "cite and release" policy for non-violent, low-level offenses. Please help us reach our goal by signing the petition and spreading the word!

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San Antonio Justice Charter

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What you need to know

Petition for a San Antonio Justice Charter

This will be an "initiated charter amendment" to update the San Antonio city charter. The charter amendment will adopt a comprehensive justice policy, with specific elements including:

  • Keep people out of jail for simple marijuana possession.
  • Protect veterans who use marijuana for pain and PTSD.
  • Decriminalize abortion.
  • Save scarce public resources for greater needs.
  • Stop dangerous chokeholds and no-knock raids.
  • Lower City liabilities for police abuse cases.
  • Get people excited to vote in local elections.
  • Lead other Texas cities by showing them what is possible.
  • Direct democracy in action.

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Frequently asked questions

Why decriminalize marijuana?

In past years, San Antonio police issued thousands of citations and made hundreds of arrests for simple marijuana possession. These disproportionately targeted Black and Hispanic community members. To promote justice and avoid waste of tax dollars, we want to redirect resources towards real public safety solutions.

Does this legalize marijuana?

No, legalization must happen at the state or federal level. This measure would direct the police department to stop issuing citations or making arrests for Class A or Class B misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Why decriminalize abortion?

Texas is implementing draconian laws that would criminalize abortion in numerous ways. This ordinance would prevent City police from criminalizing reproductive decisions, while also protecting the privacy of people seeking reproductive care.

What is a “no knock” warrant?

This is when police obtain a warrant to break into someone’s home without identifying themselves beforehand. This tactic has resulted in many tragedies, including in San Antonio, and is dangerous to residents, police, and bystanders.

What is cite and release?

Cite and release is authorized under article 14.06 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure that provides a process for law enforcement to issue a ticket in lieu of arrest for certain offenses. They are: Class C misdemeanors OTHER THAN public intoxication, assault, or family violence. This program has saved Bexar County $4 million in booking costs alone in 3 years.

Why do you need 35,000 signatures?

Under the San Antonio City Charter, residents have the power to adopt laws directly through the initiative process. The City requires at least 20,000 signatures of San Antonio voters to put something on the ballot. We collect extra to account for people who sign the petition who are not currently registered in the City of San Antonio.

Who else is helping with this effort?

Act 4 SA and Ground Game Texas are collaborating to lead this initiative. Additional coalition partners include the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, SA Stands, and MOVE Texas.

How is this work being paid for?
Great question! We rely on the support of individual donors to keep our staff in the field. We’d greatly appreciate any donation. Please click the “Donate” tab to contribute today.
Can I help gather signatures?
Yes! We’d love your help. This will take many hands to make real. You can share this page with anyone you know. And if you’d like to get more involved, please fill out the volunteer form. Email for more information.

Want to help us adopt a justice policy that will reduce unnecessary arrests, create safer policing practices, and save scarce public resources?

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